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aranya earthcraft

Radio Listener Wall Clock

Radio Listener Wall Clock

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Radio Listener!

this wall clock reminds the love of radio listening. This clock is simply a meaningful art piece to remind us those old days when one just sat and listened to the sound of one's love & interest.

At Aranya Earthcraft our expertise is in converting the age-old technique of papier-mache
and recyclable waste material into contemporary arty products.
We develop a fusion of art and design, which gives new meaning to the handmade arty home decor products.
The designs are totally inspired by nature like leaves, twigs, rocks and bark patterns.
Human forms are another concept that we develop with a unique approach.
The creativity of Aranya Earthcraft team is self-taught.
Having an experience of working in the field of design and art, for more than a decade,
has helped us learn the various forms and techniques of designs.
At the core, our belief is ‘Nature as the source of inspiration for our creativity’.

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