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aranya earthcraft

Anty Candle

Anty Candle

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Made with love for the love for nature. Ants are one of the strongest creature as per their size, they have an amazing strength to carry 50 times more than it's weight. One of beast creature to learn from, about community living and above all they are beneficial to our environment in many ways ????????

Designed this collection for the love and fondness for ants! While we were planning to make papier-mâché candle holders, we have had many doubts, if it will resist heat or not, will it catch fire, will it be easy to give a definite shape... And so on. But finally we have overcome all this doubts and here we have made some beautiful pieces. We are not using paraffin wax or artificial essence, we are using soy wax and natural lemon grass essential oil. Products are durable, not so easily fragile, consumes no electricity in making. zero waste & bio-degradable. These are waterproof.

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