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Set of 4 Coasters - Black Grape Leaf

Set of 4 Coasters - Black Grape Leaf

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Natural Black Grape Leaf LEAF IMPRINTED, HANDPAINTED COASTERS. Each piece is handcrafted, and made of an age old papier-mache. Each piece is coated with lacquer to prevent from water and has a cork sticker base to avoid scratch on table.

Our products are sustainably conscious (zero waste, consumes no electricity, not so easily fragile, can be repaired if damaged, biodegradable).

Papier-mache is a very flexible material and its usage is much more vast than we know. Our initiative to use this age old material papier-mache is to revive and present this in a contemporary and aesthetically stylized utility & decor products; as well as to be as friendly as we can to our bountiful nature...:)

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